Well folks we are back home again after some 12 months being away.

The last 12 months have been very hard on both of us, but we are home.

In the next few weeks I will get back into the garden, and will post you pictures of it, just a bit heart breaking to see it all over grown.


I would also like to promote an up coming event....



3rd week in Jun 10



To visit the web site just click on the link.....



Hi and Welcome to Le Potage Garden.....


Le Potage Garden is an Organic Kitchen Garden primary designed to supply organic produce to local suppliers, hotels, restarunts etc.


Our secondary aim is to provide an education centre for long time gardeners and the begginer.


Our web site also provides the educational element for those who wish to timker in their garden bed with a variety of alternative growing ideas.

So if you where to use one of the  suggested growing ideas on this web site you can keep your labour pleasurable as your self sufficiency for your faminly, in the garden increases.


Le Potage organic kitchen garden is also used to provide fresh orangic vegetables and herbs for sale to the public at the front gate, hotels and the restraunt trades.

As an organic kitchen garden we are extremly proud of the manner in which we cultivate and produce our organic crops for consumpution.

No chemicals are used in the organic kitchen garden, only animal manures and castings are used, [cattle - sheep - poultry and worms]. Both solid and  liquid fertilizer formats- are used to fertilizer the crops grown.


The organic kitchen garden also grows its own seedlings for the garden, again only using organic growing media's and organic seed collected from the old variety of vegetables.

The country we work in here can be unforgiving, in that we suffer from high tempertures [high 30's] and extremly low tempretures  [low as -6] along with low rain fall.


The farm gate at Le Potage Garden is open daily from....  10.am to 4pm. [or unless otherwised signed] and for this we apologise.


Guided tours of Le Potage Garden can be organised if you ring about 1 hour prior to your arrival.


Pete and Jan 

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