Shopping Bag Gardening


Before adding plants to your shopping bag, either lay the shopping bag flat or prop it up at an angle.


You can then plant your seedlings on top or you can put small holes into the side of the bag


Place the seedlings into the holes of the shopping bag. Be as gentle as possible, but you may have to be a little forceful to get the roots to fit.


When you have finished planting all the holes, prop shopping bag upright.


 Hold on to the top of the bag by its handles and tap the bottom gently on the ground a few times, to help settle the soil around the plants.


Check your soil level again and add more if necessary. Finish planting by adding two seedlings to the opening on the top of the bag.


This is a good place to use your biggest plants because you won't have to squish them to fit.


Fertilize your seedlings with a slow release fertilizer and water in your seedlings with liquid fertilizer.