Making your own organic compost


One of the best things you can do in your quest for an organic garden is to start making your own compost as this will replenish the nutrients used by growing plants, without adding potentially harmful chemicals to the soil.


It can take up to ten weeks for your first batch of compost to be ready for use however so you may want to buy a bag or two of organic compost to use in the meantime.



Organic compost can be made from virtually any garden and household waste that will rot however it is important to have a balance of fast rotting material and slow rotting material.


Fast rotting material includes things such as lawn clippings and young weeds and these act as activators for the rotting process. You will also need to add older plant material and other ingredients to keep the process going, however.


These can include cardboard egg boxes, fruit and vegetable scraps, used kitchen towel and tea bags, dead flowers and anything that will degrade over time.


Put all the ingredients in a compost bin with plenty of water and wait for the inevitable to happen.


Plants and crops that are lavished with organic compost thrive as they grow and it is often easy to see the difference, both in appearance and in taste, when compared to non-organic alternatives.