Creating a Potage Garden


Siting and Space

You will need a flat, sunny site for four (4) raised  beds, a 3m x 4m’ area can be tilled for a traditional garden with straw or bark chip paths.


Steps to Creating the Potage

  1. Choose area to be planted (this should be close to the kitchen)
  2. Make certain to have an easily accessible source of water
  3. Till area remove roots and loose stones as with any other garden spot
  4. *Measure and layout/build beds
  5. Add composted soil to beds
  6. Plant, water, weed, trim and wait for the harvest


What is Needed

  • Stones, bricks or timbers to build raised beds and/or line planting 
  • Good composted material for planting
  • Stepping stones for paths
  • Trellises, obelisks and arbors (or the materials to make your own)
  • Fountain or birdbath
  • Bathtub for frogs 
  • Seeds and plants
  • Worm farm for castings


*Keep in mind the size plants will be when mature.


This space will provide organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers over a 7 month period for a family of four.


It is the best economical method of providing organic food for your family and creating a beautiful, productive garden for you to enjoy!