The Gardens and Growing Systems


At Le Potage Garden we are growing our plants in all sorts of manner and all sorts of recycled containers [were ever possible].


Alternative growing is an understatment at Le Potage Garden, we look at the best possible way to use and reuse recyclables, potato sacks - pastic buckets etc.


All of our seedlings are grown onsite and potted on for further use in the garden and for sale to the public.


Instead of growing our seedlings in plastic containers, we grow them in egg cartons cells. By using the egg carton method our seedlings dont suffer from shock when planted out, unlike poping the seedling out of the pastic cell.


We have developed our own organic seed raising media again from recycled organic material. No sands no soils etc are used as growing media.


All of the seedlings and plants are fertilized with our own organic liquid animal manure. The organic liquid fertilizer used has an NPK rating of... N0.57  P0.23  K0.62 and mix at 1 part fertilizer to 10 parts water.