Mini Hothouse Germination


Don't risk planting seeds in the soil and hoping for good germination. Poor weather conditions, especially cool wet soil, can quickly turn your seeds to mush and you will end up replanting seeds in order to get a good crop.


Germinating your seeds inside before planting them will give them a nice head start, using a mini hothouse or propagator will asisst you in over coming these problems.


I have used both the mini propagator and the soft drink bottle, and both do an excellent job. But instead of using various growing medias such as tissue, or cloth I prefer grow wool or rock wool.


By using grow wool it will not put your seedlings under stress when planting out in the garden. Another tip is to soak your grow wool in a seed weed solution before placing your seed into the wool. This assist with germination.


Make sure to keep the growing media moist and warm for quick germination.
If you are using tissues or cloth for propagation, the small root system will cling to the tissue or cloth, simply remove them gently.


Your seeds need moisture and warmth to germinate, but they do not want to sit in a soggy media that overheats.


Beware of placing them in a location with extreme high temperatures or trying to germinate them with a soggy cloth.