Seed Germination and Production


At Le Potage we have been using a variety of experimental methods for our seed germination program media's.


These growing media that lack any soil are often referred to as soilless mixes. Soilless mixes are the standard of the industry today.


The one big advantage is that they are uniform and can be produced with a high degree of consistency. As a growe we either purchase prepared growing media in bulk or mix their own depending on costs.


Materials that are often components of soilless media's include sand, sphagnum peat moss, coir, vermiculite, pine bark, perlite, styrafoam beads, and rock wool.


When combined in the right proportions these materials are able to provide and excellent medium for growing plants.


The decision as to which growing media/materials we use is often a matter of cost, availability and preference.

The growing media for our seed propagation include...

  • rock wool,
  • recylced organic growing mediums - Coir, and
  • minitature hot house germination.

 Rock wool is made from the rock called basalt. After heating it and causing it to liquefy, it is spun into fibers that look like cotton candy. Rock wool is often used in the propagation phase of growing where it is pressed into cubes and used for the rooting of cuttings.


Coir is made from waste products of the coconut industry. It has similar qualities as peat. It has high water holding abilities and excellent drainage. It also encourages faster rooting of plants.