Seed germination in tissue paper
Seed germination in tissue paper

Soft Drink Bottle Proagator


If you want to start a garden one of the cheapest ways to do so is to start your own plants from seeds.
When setting out to start seeds raising, regardless of whether the seeds are for perennials, annuals, foliage plants, vegetables or whatever else, the seeds will need three consistent things in order to germinate: light, warmth and moisture.
You can go out and buy a mini-greenhouse but why do it when you can make one.

The ideal way to provide that warmth and moist enviroment is through a propagating house - soft drink bottle.


Most people don't have the financial means through which to purchase a real greenhouse, and purchasing mini greenhouses along with all the other supplies that are necessary for starting seeds can be expensive.

An inexpensive and highly effective way to create a greenhouse is to use a 2 liter soft drink bottle or any type of clear plastic bottle.


You don't need to use grow lights with this method either as we'll take advantage of the free light the sun provides.
It's a really easy and cheap way to start plants for a garden that's either there for your enjoyment or for growing your own food. 

After you've grown your seeds into seedlings you can use it to beautify your home, or sell them at your local country markets, donate them to charity or just give your seedlings to your friends.