The Herb Garden 



Growing herbs is as easy as, keep the plants in the daple sunshine, water them only when the soil is dry and don’t feed other than a shovel of compost in the early spring or a watering can of liquid fertilizer.

Specific information about growing and harvesting each of these herbs is found on the www.

Anise is a annual with licorice-tasting leaf that is fairly straightforward if you watch the transplanting.

Arugula some folks consider Arugula to be a herb - some consider it to be a vegetable. No matter. 

Basil is my favourite cooking herb and it is easy to grow as well.

Borage has attractive blue flowers, self sows and goes in summer drinks.

Caraway is used in baking and cheese making but can be very weedy in your garden.

Catnip is a worthy exercise from a cat's point of view or if you require some for Chinese medicinal purposes. This is a plant thug so beware.

Chamomile is grown for its healthy relaxing and digestive-aiding teas produced by the flowers of this attractive herb garden plant.


Chives are excellent and easy to grow in the sunny garden. I can't imagine a great fried egg sandwich without them and the uses of garlic chives are even more interesting and make growing herbs very worthwhile.

Coriander seeds and leaves are useful if harvested properly and at the right time.

Comfrey is easy if you give it part shade and leave it alone. Great for ornamental as well as herbal use.

Dill is one of the most adaptable and easiest growing herbs.

Fennel or Florence Fennel has useful roots, stalks, leaves and flower seeds.


Garlic is wonderful stuff and the perfect accompaniment to so many great meals.

Horseradish is hot stuff .

Lavender is also a culinary herb .

Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family and easy to grow. Use it where life has handed you a lemon to make lemon-aid.


Oregano is beloved of Greek and Italian cooking and growing herbs like this one is central to your culinary herb garden.

Rosemary has become a bit of a passion for me and while I can't overwinter it outdoors, it hasn't stopped me from growing it in containers in my kitchen herb garden.

Sage is easily enough done that you'll want to use this plant in the ornamental garden as well.

Scented geraniums I've grown a few over the years and I keep reviewing the plants as I grow them .

Sorrel: is a sour-apple-lemon taste herb used for perking up summer salads.

Spearmint isn't the problem, sometimes finding the real stuff and stopping it from growing are greater challenges.

Savory is an exercise in easy gardening that is both for the flavour and the flower of it.

Thyme is one of the basic herbs and easy to grow in well-drained soils.

Watercress is easier with flowing water but it is not necessary to get this spicy leaf.