The Wick System


The wick system is the simplest of all hydroponic systems. It has no moving parts, and consists of a plastic nursery pot with some:

  • wood chips, or
  • perlite, or
  • pea gravel,or
  • grow rocks,
  • or other medium,
  • a plastic bucket,
  • and some material as a wick.


It is best to use a bucket that once held food products, or a new one. The wicks can be made from any old cotton cloth.


An old cotton "t" shirt cut into 50 mm wide strips long enough to reach from the bottom of the bucket to the top of the pot works well.


Put 2 to 3 wicks in the medium [it does depend on how many seedlings you have in the pot], out the holes in the bottom of the pot to the bottom of the bucket.


Add nutrient to the bucket until the level is slightly below the bottom of the pot.


Plant your seedlings touching one of the wicks [or as close as possible] and watch the plant grow.


Any number of things can be substituted for the pot and bucket.