Vegetable Judging


Almost everyone judges vegetables on a regular basis. Choosing vegetables from the produce section of the supermarket is a judging process.


The consumer picks the size, color, type, etc., from the vegetables displayed which he or she judges to have the best eating qualities.


Home gardeners judge when each vegetable has attained the optimum size or stage of maturity so that it can be harvested and used while offering the highest food value and the best edible qualities.


Commercial farmers not only judge the proper maturity for harvesting, but also prepare the vegetables so they look their best for sale.


Growers, packers, and produce marketers all dress and handle the vegetables to retain high quality and an attractive appearance.


Selection and preparation of vegetables for exhibiting at garden shows and fairs are the same skills used in the harvesting, cleaning, and marketing of vegetables.


These skills include selection of vegetables at the proper maturity to provide the best eating qualities, and preparing them to present the most attractive appearance possible.


The "dressed" exhibits are then judged against other exhibits and displayed for public viewing. Garden exhibits are a learning experience for both the exhibitor and the viewing public.


"Fresh is best"