Moo Tea
Moo Tea

Liquid Fertilizer

A part of the organic kitchen garden's success is the development and use of our home made organic liquid animal fertilizer.


No chemicals are used in the organic kitchen garden, only animal manures and castings are used, [cattle - sheep - poultry and worms].


Both solid and  liquid fertilizer formats- are used to fertilizer all of the production crops grown.

The organic liquid fertilizer for sale at Le Potager are......

  • 2ltr Moo Tea
  • 3ltr Moo Tea
  • Bulk Moo Tea is available upon request in quanites of 10 and/or 20ltrs

The Moo Tea liquid fertilizer has an NPK rating of... 

N 0.57 

P 0.23 

K 0.62  

To use the liquid fertilizer on your plants and seedlings use a mix of 1 part liquid fertilizer to 10 parts of water.