Understanding what seedlings need is the first step toward any successful garden.


Whether you grow your own vegetable, herb or flower seedlings, or purchase them from a garden centre as bedding plants.


There are ten good steps when growing your own seedlings and they are:....


1. Always use a sterile growing or germinating medium


2. Always use new or sterilized (bleach water solution) flats, trays or other containers


3. Use same bleach solution to sterilize tools.


4. Keep hands clean while handling the various seeds, tools, growing medium, etc.


5. Always make sure seeds are clean and free of any mold or fungus


6. Don't sow too many seeds in a small area, they need space and air circulation


7. Use a mister with clean warm water and never over water or let water stand in trays or germinating containers


8. Make sure there is adequate heat and light


9. Use a plant food but do not over fertilize


10. Grow the plants as fast as possible to get them through the vulnerable period sooner.