Lunar Growing


The moon exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth by reason of its promixity.  It controls the tides and the movement of all water on Earth, including lakes, rivers, seas and groundwater. 


The gravitational pull of the moon is greater during the first and second quarters, and less during the third and fourth quarters. 


Seeds and crops planted during the first and second quarters can more easily take up water than those sown in the waning or decreasing phases. 


As a rule of thumb, plants with a lot of leaf area and/or requiring a lot of water during establishment (such as lettuce, spinach, brassicas etc) do better if planted during the first or second quarter, and root crops (eg: onions, carrots, garlic) trees and deep rooting shrubs which are tolerant to more dry conditions can be planted generally during the third quarter


The fourth quarter has the weakest gravitational pull and is generally used for cultivation, soil preparation, weeding, extermination of pests and noxious growths, and for starting worm farms and compost heaps.


Lunar Phases



First Quarter

Plant and transplant above ground crops. 

Begin new projects

Second Quarter (to full moon)

Plant and transplant above ground crops. 

Nuture and tend to new growth

Third Quarter

Plant and transplant root crops. 

Harvest all crops. 

Finish off projects

Fourth Quarter (to new moon)

Begin compost heaps and worm farms. 

Weed and pest control 


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