What is a Potage Design?


There is no one potage design. There are many different potage designs and styles and always theorys.


The design/style has to be something that you do for your own individual garden and your needs.


You will not get the best results by copying anybody else’s design, unless they have the same climate, soil type and vegetable tastes as you.


You need to consider what vegetables can be grown in your area, how they look and how much of them you can use, keeping in mind that they will all be ready around the same time.

Most people designing a potager go for small quantities of many different types of food plant.


Some favor the style of knot gardens or designs that repeat a certain pattern or a symmetrical shape.


While these designs are typically true of potage garden designs, this is not the only way to design potager gardens.


A traditional cottage garden design, which tends to be a little less formal, can also make a nice potager garden.


Potage gardens do not need to be fussy things. Your potage design can be as complicated or as simple as you wish it to be.


The key to any design of a potage garden is simply to make it look as nice as it tastes.


In the end it all comes down to your own personal taste, but whether you like straight line gardening, formal gardening, or cottage gardening.


Get your hands dirty and have lots of fun with your potage garden, because thats what gardening is ment to be.