Whats New with Hints and Tips


Tip 1.

Use a couple of ice cubes to slowly water very dry containers - they'll deliver water to the roots without running down the sides of the dried soil.



Tip 2.

Banana skins placed around rose bushes will rot down and provide nutrients.



Tip 3

Put broken egg shells into a watering can, fill with water and leave overnight.  This will extract the nutrients making an excellent and cheap plant feed.


Tip 4.

Broken eggshells deter Slugs and Snails. Scatter them around the plants at risk.


Tip 5.

The use of vertical spaces to produce some unusual and beautiful effects in your garden.


Vertical gardening is also appealing if you have a small yard or apartment with limited places to grow plants.


Tip 6.

Blackspot on Roses

1 litre skim milk

(preferable organic because it contains more antibiotic qualities) and


1 litre soapy water

Spray on foliage every couple of weeks or so, covering both sides of the leaves and the stems.


Tip 7.

Use Potash as part of your liquid fertilizer on your tomatoes

Tip 8.

A Natural Hormone

When you need to root challenging plants, you can borrow the natural rooting hormones found in willows.

Set a handful of slender peeled willow branches to steep in a deep container of warm water overnight so the hormones can seep out into the water.

Then let your new cuttings soak in the water overnight before setting them to root in containers.